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A Taste of Italy: Trattoria


I’ve been living in Vancouver for as long as I can remember, but I only step foot inside Glowbal Group’s Trattoria this past weekend. I had heard from many friends that they had delicious pastas and wanted to finally see for myself. After having lived in Italy for two months last year, I did have higher expectations for the pasta compared to someone who has not had the authentic version. 

Upon entry I got seated next to a family that had children kicking and screaming, which definitely killed the vibe for me, but what can you do? Since it was a sunny day, there was tons of day light inside making for a bright atmosphere. I loved the wicker cafe chairs that I had seen all throughout Europe. That was definitely my favorite part of the interior decor. I do wish I had come at night because I think that’s when the ambience would be at its prime.

I ordered the Short Rib Pappardelle ($19.95) which includes short beef ribs, pine nuts, wild mushrooms, and a café au lait cream sauce. The portion was incredibly large and I was beyond full when I finished the plate. It’s definitely a heavy pasta. There was a strong presence of short beef ribs and mushrooms, so they didn’t skimp out on ingredients. The pasta itself was really good that I almost wished there was more of that and less of the other ingredients!

My friend ordered the Truffled Spaghetti & Signature Meatballs ($22.95) which includes truffle cream and herbed ricotta. This portion was very large as well, and she ended up taking half of it to go. This dish also tasted great – highly recommend for a creamy, cheese lover!

The food came incredibly quickly after we ordered, which gives me the impression that the sauces and meatballs are not made to order or daily. I would be open to waiting longer if it meant a fresh batch just for me, or at least made the morning of. We both felt like the meals were reheated.

Verdict: I would want to give Trattoria another try in the evening, and possibly get something other than pasta, since I think ordering a pizza would allow for a fresh batch. I have been to Italian Kitchen several times, which is Trattoria’s sister restaurant, and feel that they are better in comparison in terms of atmosphere and freshness.



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