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Video Diary: Aperture Coffee Bar


After having visited Italy last year, I’ve been craving for the perfect affogato here at home. Affogato is a coffee-based dessert that originated in Italy, and takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso. Other variations include putting an extra shot of your favorite liqueur. When I heard that a coffee shop in Vancouver, namely Aperture Coffee Bar, was makingΒ matcha affogato… I was sold.

My friend, Venus, and I decided to go to this West Broadway cafe one Saturday afternoon and it was packed! The crowd was your typical college-age students, busy on their laptops with headphones on. How canΒ one even study in a cute place like this?! Luckily someone was leaving their spot on a couch and we were able to take a seat.


We noticed that their seasonal affogato flavours were only available after 4pm, but luckily for me matcha is on their all-day menu. Other flavours include lemon, London fog, ginger, chai, mocha, and classic espresso. You can get one for $7, or a flight of three for $9. Pretty pricey considering the price, but I’ve never heard of an affogato other than with espresso, so I had to try!

The affogato is served in a cool metal platter, and I love that they let you pour your drink choice over the ice cream instead of doing it for you! The flavours were great, but I thought there could have been more matcha. Venus prepared a short video to capture our experience at Aperture Coffee Bar, and was the one who took the photos you see in this post. Watch her video below, and follow her on Instagram @noribites!

Verdict: If you like coffee and ice cream, why not try both together?? This place isn’t a must-go, but definitely worth a try if you want a unique combination that isn’t offered at other local coffee shops.I highly suggest going with three friends and splitting a trio so you can either all have your own or split three flavours. I can tell this place is going to be a hit over the summer months!



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