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Summer Fun: Snow Cloud Shavery


Last weekend at Greek Fest I got a chance to try out Snow Cloud Shavery’s infamous dessert – a sweet spot between shaved ice and ice cream. The branding of this new food truck is super cute, and the weather was scorching hot, so tasting some of this was a no brainer.

What Snow Cloud Shavery offers is actually shaved frozen milk, which is actually different than both shaved ice and ice cream. The consistency is like snow, but fluffier (hence their name “Snow Cloud”!). They have six different toppings to choose from: fruity pebbles, strawberries, marshmallows, coconut flakes, mochi, and Oreo cookies. You can pick two toppings per order, so I opted for the Oreos and strawberries. Over top of it all, you can choose from their three drizzles: original (condensed milk), strawberry, or chocolate. I chose original to not add so much more flavour on top of my toppings.

Snow Cloud Shavery operates seasonally and only at events. That being said, the only way you can find out where they’ll be serving next is by following their Instagram account (@snowcloudshavery)! They’ve been super cool to let me in on where they’ll be next:

Be sure to go say hello, and tag them on Instagram with your delicious purchase to win a prize!




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