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Richmond Night Market 2017


This past weekend I went to the Richmond Night Market. I hadn’t been in years and wanted to relive the food stall experience I had earlier this year in Osaka, Japan. Even though the food cannot be compared to that in Japan (I miss okonomiyaki so much), the few items I got were pretty good!

After waiting in line for 40 minutes to enter (entry fee is $3.75 per person), the first thing I locked eyes with were the fluffy takoyaki balls. Although it didn’t compare to the ones I had in Japan, these were still delicious at $6 for 6 pieces. This particular takoyaki stand I tried was the first one you see upon entering the night market’s food section. The flavours include octopus, shrimp, crab meat, scallop, and cheese. You are allowed to choose 2 flavours for your portion of 6. I got octopus and shrimp, and even though both were good, I’d stick to all octopus next time. All the takoyaki stands in the Night Market sold 6 pieces for $6, except for one stand selling extra large sizes for $11.


There were also a couple of stands selling fried chicken. I know there’s a lot of hype over one of the Japanese fried chicken stands called Mogu. There was a huge line at this one, so I opted for the Korean fried chicken just a few stands down that was exactly the same price and looked exactly the same as well – not as pretty branding, but girl I’m here to eat (I also feel super bad for the stands with no customers). I got the honey garlic chicken in a single portion for $7. It’s definitely pricey, but in comparison to other things that go for the same price, it was more worth it.


Of course everyone and their grandmother’s favorite, Rotato stand, had a huge line. Luckily, it moved super quickly, so props to the people running the place. Each rotato is $6, and you can choose from a variety of different flavours: sour cream and onion, bacon, pizza, cheddar, ketchup, and garlic pepper. For $2 extra, you can get a mini rotato in addition to your regular rotato purchase. This could be nice for those coming with kids, or if you just want to try a few other flavours without paying full price. Can’t go wrong with a rotato! My pick is the sour cream and onion flavour.


The final stand I went to was Milk Cha. Can we talk about how cute their branding is!?!? I wish they were giving away their logo as stickers; my laptop would be covered in them if they were. I’ve been dying to try the butterfly pea drinks that are super hyped up these days, and even though there were other bubble tea stands at the Night Market, I decided to drop my moolah here JUST for the branding. I opted for the Butterfly Pea with Thai Milk at $5. Sadly, they don’t have any toppings, which in my opinion would’ve made the experience much better. I personally didn’t enjoy this drink. It had a vanilla flavour, and I’m not sure if that was coming from the Butterfly Pea or Thai Milk, but it was way too sweet because of it. I should just listen to my gut and always stick to Honey Milk Tea – it never fails to please.

There were tons of other stands I wanted to check out, but didn’t get a chance to this time, so please let me know if you go to the Richmond Night Market and if there’s anything specific you’d recommend me to try! ๐Ÿ™‚



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