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Dinner Date: Tsuki Sushi Bar


Tsuki Sushi Bar is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve been here many times, and sadly only had my camera with me once, so many of the images have been taken with my sub-par iPhone 5 camera. This place is super cute for a dinner date (and YES I do have experience walking in here and seeing a friend on a date!). It’s pretty small, so if you decide to go on a Friday or Saturday night, I recommend getting there early or be prepared to wait a while.

Whenever I’m here I make sure to get one kind of aburi oshi sushi, and one different item that I haven’t tried before.  Some of my favorites that I have ordered in the past include:

  • Aburi Oshi Sushi ($12-14 depending on the kind). I’ve tried their salmon, ebi, and saba oshi sushi, and I think the salmon is the best. I’m not a fan of the green olive/ebi flavour mix, and think that the saba has a really strong fishy smell. Nevertheless, this is totally subjective.
  • Deluxe Assorted Sushi ($22), which features tuna, salmon, ebi, tamago, ika, saba, hotate, unagi, ikura, and tobiko nigiri, as well as a negihama roll and miso soup. This is a great way to try different kinds of fish. Although I wouldn’t consider it the best in the city, I’ll definitely get it again.
  • Heatwave Roll ($8.80), which features 8 pieces of sushi with cucumber and avocado, with torched hamachi and jalapeno on top. This is one of my go-to rolls. It’s so good that it makes me not want to try another roll.
  • Tekka Donburi ($12.50), which is albacore tuna sashimi with rice and comes with a side of miso soup. The quality of their sashimi is really good, although the pieces are cut quite thin. Their rice is also nicely cooked. I would recommend getting this along with a roll, since it is fairly small.

As for the service, everyone here is very friendly. The food arrives at your table in a reasonable amount of time, and is presented nicely. I also love that I don’t have to keep waiving a waitress down for more tea – they’re on it.

Verdict: Tsuki Sushi Bar is worth checking out! It’s a cute place, good quality fish, and fair prices. I recommend going for dinner, as opposed to lunch, because the vibe is a lot nicer when the candles are lit. It’s also super convenient if you’re traveling via SkyTrain or heading to a concert or hockey game afterwards at Rogers Arena.



Dynamite Roll



Heatwave Roll + Salmon Aburi Oshi


Tekka Donburi


Deluxe Assorted Sushi



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